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Your Account

 1.   Log in to your account on the Open Food Network 

2.   Click on the little ‘person’ icon or the three bars on your device if you’re using a phone or tablet

3.   Then in the drop down menu, click on Account and you will see this screen with four tabs across the top

Account 1.png
Account 2.png
Account 3.png


4.   Firstly you will see your ORDERS which will show as Paid if paid in full or Unpaid if there is a balance or credit on this particular order. If you click on View you will see the Order Confirmation Screen that you saw when you placed your order.


5.   If you click on CREDIT CARDS you will see the cards that you have saved to pay for your shopping. If you need to add a new card you can do this here. You can also authorise a card here if you have set up a subscription with us.


6.   If you click on TRANSACTIONS this will show you any orders where you have an outstanding balance for you to pay or a credit which we owe you as well as running total. If you have a balance to pay you can do this by PayPal to OR bank transfer to Account name: Tamar Grow Local CIC – Buying Groups Sort code: 08 92 99 Account number: 65623532 or give us a call in the office and we can take a card over the phone.


7.   If you Click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS you can change your email address and password.

Account 4.png
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