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  • How do I place my first order?
    Welcome to Tamar Valley Food Hubs! To place your first order, visit our shopfront between 6pm on Friday and 9.30am on Wednesday, add the products you would like to your basket, then select the basket icon in the top right hand corner to checkout. You can place an order as a guest, or create an account which will allow you to save your delivery and payment details, as well as view your order history.
  • When can I receive my delivery?
    We deliver to homes, workplaces and our free collection points on Fridays. Generally you should receive your delivery between 11am and 6:30pm, and we'll try to let you know if ever it's any later. Unfortunately we're not able to let you know an exact delivery slot, but can leave your order in a safe place, if requested in the Special Instructions box at checkout.
  • Can I set up a regular subscription order?
    Yes! Set up a weekly or fortnightly subscription order for staples like veg boxes, fruit bags, milk, butter, yoghurt, cheese, coffee, flour and more. You can add different items to your delivery each time by placing a second order, and we'll deliver both together. Find out how to set up your subscription order here >
  • Why am I having trouble ordering using a tablet?
    Sometimes when ordering on a tablet, you might find the screen is greyed out and you're unable to select anything. This is usually because the cookies pop-up box has appeared out of view, and so has not been accepted. Rotate your screen from landscape to portrait, and you should then be able to see and accept the cookies pop-up box.
  • Which packaging can I return to you?
    We and our producers try to reuse as much packaging as we're able to! Below is a list of the packaging we can currently accept back. Tamar Valley Food Hubs: plastic crates, cardboard boxes, cool bags, ice packs, poly boxes Calli Pizza Café: glass pudding jars with lids Challons Combe Organics: glass milk bottles with lids, glass yoghurt jars with lids, glass cream jars with lids Crock and Cole: glass jars with lids Green Cow Dairy: glass milk bottles, glass cream jars Hillson Farm Produce: their own egg boxes and egg trays Kingston Preserves: glass jars (without lids) ReRooted: glass bottles with lids Tamar Valley Apple Co-operative: glass juice bottles (without lids) We kindly ask that you don't return other packaging to us, as we're unable to reuse it, and have to pay to recycle it. We hope instead you can reuse it yourself, or recycle it with your doorstep collections or at local recycling facilities. Thank you for your help!
  • How do I check my account?
    1. Log in to your account on the Open Food Network. ​ 2. On desktop, click the ‘person’ icon in the top right hand corner of your screen, or on mobile or tablet, click the hamburger menu in the top left hand side of your screen. ​ 3. In the drop down menu, click on Account and you will see this screen with four tabs across the top. ORDERS: Firstly you will see your ORDERS which will show as Paid if paid in full or Unpaid if there is a balance or credit on this particular order. If you click on View you will see the Order Confirmation Screen that you saw when you placed your order. CREDIT CARDS: If you click on CREDIT CARDS you will see the cards that you have saved to pay for your shopping. If you need to add a new card you can do this here. You can also authorise a card here if you have set up a subscription with us. ​TRANSACTIONS: If you click on TRANSACTIONS this will show you any orders where you have an outstanding balance for you to pay or a credit which we owe you as well as running total. If you have a balance to pay you can do this by PayPal to OR bank transfer to Account name: Tamar Grow Local CIC – Buying Groups Sort code: 08 92 99 Account number: 65623532 or give us a call in the office and we can take a card over the phone. ​ACCOUNT SETTINGS: If you Click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS you can change your email address and password.
  • How can I update my saved card details?
    Log in to your Open Food Network account. Select 'Account' from the menu, then 'Credit Cards'. You will see your saved card(s) listed. Click 'Add a Card' and enter your new details, then 'Add Card' to save. Select the 'Delete' button alongside any cards you would like to remove. If you have more than one card saved, select the 'Default' box beside your preferred method. *You will need to do this if you have a subscription order to enable your automatic payments.
  • How can I pay an outstanding balance?
    You can pay an outstanding balance to us either by PayPal, BACS or credit/debit card. For PayPal payments: For BACS payments: Account name: Tamar Grow Local CIC - Buying Groups Sort code: 08-92-99 Account number: 65623532 For card payments: Please call us on 01579 208 412 and we can take a card payment over the phone.
  • When will I receive a refund I'm due?
    You may be due a refund from your order, for example if we were unable to deliver a product from your order or if you've bought meat and the weight is different to that you paid for. We process refunds each Friday and will pay money back to the method you paid with. It can take 5 - 10 working days for a refund to reach your account. If you are able to pay for your orders by credit or debit card, this is a great help for us as we can refund you with one click of a button!
  • Why has the total due for my order increased?
    The main reason why your order might end up costing more than you initially paid, is usually due to an adjustment of the weight of meat you've ordered. Some of the meats we sell are listed in the shopfront at an average weight, and we then amend your invoice before dispatch to reflect the exact weight, once the item has been butchered or prepared. Due to the nature of these products, the final weights can either be more or less than the average pack weight you order. If the pack is larger, we'll let you know the balance due. If the pack is smaller, we'll credit your account or refund you the difference.
  • Can I still receive a printed invoice with my delivery?
    We no longer send printed invoices with deliveries as standard, but you can let us know if you would like to receive one. You can check your account online anytime by logging in to your Open Food Network account and viewing 'Orders'. Note that if there is any balance outstanding on an order, the whole order will show as unpaid. You can see the exact amount due by selecting the 'View' button beside the order.
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