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Indonesian Coffee from Landmark Speciality Coffee

Landmark Speciality Coffee have a new organically grown Indonesian coffee this week, freshly roasted to order! It's available as whole beans or coarse, medium or fine ground.

Our new organically grown coffee from Indonesia is from the Atu Lintang region of Aceh. The bean variety is called Tim Tim and it is grown here at an altitude of between 1300 -1500 meters above sea level.
This crop is made up from the harvests of various small holder farmers in the region.  As well as growing coffee the farmers also grow vegetables and fruits to eat or sell at local markets. There are two harvests a year, with coffee being picked in the main harvest from October to December and then again from March to May as part of the fly crop.
Unusually for this region, the coffee is not processed by the individual producers and then collected but is collected up first and then processed as one, which is probably why this coffee has such a good uniformity and clarity compared to other coffees from this region.
This Indonesian coffee is very smooth and deep, exhibiting flavours of plum, subtle lychee, tamarind, dark chocolate and a well balanced citrus acidity with a lovely buttery body and smooth mouthfeel.  
Aceh has seen much civil unrest throughout it's history, most recently due to guerilla activity and as a result many farms were abandoned. Incredibly, the devastation of the 2004 Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami did provide a silver lining, as it focused international attention on Banda Aceh. Subsequently aid spotlighted the region and served to bring relative peace to the area. Now farms are being revitilized by new planting and hope is returning!

- Landmark Speciality Coffee


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