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Kingston Preserves

Kingston Preserves are joining us on the Hubs this week, with a delicious range of jams, marmalades, chutneys and more!

Made in small batches on the Bere Peninsula using homegrown and local produce with no additives or preservatives used.

I am a local producer and everything is made in small batches in my kitchen. I don't use any additives or preservatives and my jams are made in the traditional way so they might be a softer set than those which are mass produced.  We are lucky enough to have a space for a polytunnel and greenhouse so wherever possible I use our home grown produce or I buy my ingredients as locally as I can. I also try to work with the seasons so if I run out of something you might have to wait a few months for a new batch to be made. To me this is important as in Devon we have some of the best seasonal produce available, you can’t beat the flavour of a freshly picked tomato still warm from the greenhouse or an apple which has just been picked from the tree!

- Kingston Preserves


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