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Spindle Wood Farm

Joining the Hub this week is Spindle Wood Farm in South Devon, producers of organically raised, pastured chicken.

We are a small farm in the depths of South Devon, raising goats and chickens for meat. We make BBQ charcoal from our woods and the farm is home to our working horses aka Dartmoor Horse Loggers. Our overriding aim is to farm regeneratively, to regenerate the soil and grassland, to regenerate the woodland and regenerate the wildlife that lives here while providing ourselves and others with nutritious food and produce that is grown or made in a sustainable manner, the management benefits the livestock and the land, as well as us. We are non-certified organic. Our livestock are fed organic feed and we don't use any chemicals or unnatural fertilisers on the land and our livestock and wildlife are both thriving!

Our pasture raised chickens have a happy, healthy and enriched life. They are put onto fresh pasture everyday where they enjoy searching for bugs, scratching about and eating grass. They are fed organic feed on top of the food they get from the pasture. They are outside in a moveable pen which has shelter so they breath fresh air 24hrs a day and have access to both shade and sunshine. The nutrients they get from eating fresh grass and bugs means the meat is more nutritious and of fuller flavour and texture.

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