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Tamar Valley bread flour

Over the past couple of years, we've been working together with Reclaim the Grain in Dartington to produce our own, Tamar Valley flour!

Summer 2021

We received a delivery from Reclaim the Grain of a wheat seed variety called 'Cornovii', named after a Celtic tribe and a blend of seven heritage wheat seeds developed by Fred Price.

Autumn 2021

Our friend James Tancock sowed an acre of wheat for us on his farm in Metherell, here in the Tamar Valley.

Summer 2022

James harvested the wheat and the Good Food Loop delivered it back to Reclaim the Grain at the Apricot Centre in Dartington.

Spring 2023

Dartington Mill CIC began milling our wheat in small batches, and we received our first delivery of Tamar Valley bread flour!

This year we've doubled the area in which we're growing wheat, and have planted seed that we harvested last year. Wheat adapts very quickly to its environment, so we hope by continuing to resow the wheat we harvest, we'll develop a type perfectly suited to the Tamar Valley climate!

We now have white and wholemeal flours available to buy on the Food Hubs, perfect for breads as well as cakes and pastries.


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