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Updates for Friday 17th of April

Website Orders

We're sorry if last week you experienced problems ordering on the website. When the shopfront opened the website saw a huge spike in demand, but since then the Open Food Network have been working hard to make a whole range of improvements to the site!

We hope we won't have any further problems, but if you experience any slowness when you're placing an order, please try not to keep refreshing the page as this adds to the strain on the site but instead log out and try again later.

Finalising Orders

When you're placing an order, please make sure you complete the full checkout process until an order confirmation number is displayed on screen. If you don't see a confirmation number, we won't have received your order so make sure you see this before leaving the site.

Priority Ordering

We are now opening the shopfront early for priority customers to place their orders before the shop opens to all customers at lunchtime on Mondays.

If you consider yourself to be in a high risk group, aged 70 or over or with an underlying health condition please get in touch to let us know if you would like to register to be on our list of priority customers and we will be in contact with further details.


As of this Friday, we will be reducing the amount of packaging we leave with your delivery. Please leave out a box and cool bag for us to transfer shopping into so that we can take ours away with us.

As we won't be leaving cool bags with your delivery, please make sure you leave a suitable bag or box for your chilled items to be left in, especially on warmer days.


If you have any of our boxes, cool bags, cool boxes or large veg bags, please keep returning these to us when you can. We can also take your glass milk bottles and egg boxes.

We can't take back all packaging though, so please recycling things like other glass bottles, plastic containers and bags through your household recycling or at local drop off points where possible.


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