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Award Winning Grape Juice

There's exciting news from Hester's Harvest this week, who have recently been awarded Taste of the West Gold for their Trevozah verjus and red grape juice!

George and Loretta planted their grape vines back in 2011, and now harvest the grapes each year to make freshly pressed unfiltered juices, never from concentrate and with no added sugar.


Unfiltered and undiluted grape juice from Rondo and Regent vines. The grapes are hand pressed and lightly pasteurised for freshness, with all the sweetness coming from the Cornish sunshine. Mix with a splash of soda to make a refreshing non-alcoholic spritzer. 


Verjus is grape juice pressed from a select pick of unripe grapes picked right at the beginning of the ripening process, when half of the fruit has just started to turn pink. The yield is low (and therefore very precious!) but tart, and was originally used by the Romans as an alternative to citrus when they were in Britain and is popular in middle eastern cooking. Trevozah Verjus has a gentle acidity that is perfect for marinades, dressings and cocktails. 


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