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Tamar Valley Food Hubs pays local producers £159,000 in 2020

In 2020 Tamar Valley Food Hubs paid £159,000 to local growers and family businesses across the Tamar Valley, helping to keep some food businesses going throughout the pandemic and in some cases boosting sales significantly as well.

With the food hub following a not-for-profit model where producers set their own prices, 85p in every £1 is given straight back to the producer whilst offering an online sales platform, weekly distribution across the Valley and sales and marketing support.

Sara Rock said: ‘During the pandemic we were one of the lucky ones to see business growth albeit in difficult and uncertain times. With the blanket cancellation of markets and events still continuing, the food hub has been an important part of our producers and growers’ business and a lifeline to our local communities who we deliver to every Friday. The growth has also meant that the food hub has been able to offer more work to local people.'

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