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Updates for Friday 24th of April

Shop Opening Time

The shop is now opening to all customers at 1pm on Mondays.

Log-In to Shop

As we are continuing to close the shopfront when we reach our maximum number of orders each week, please make sure you log in to your account before you start shopping. If the shop closes whilst you're on the website, this will allow you to complete your shop.

Please also keep a check on the blue box at the top of the shopfront which indicates when the shop is due to shut.

If the shopfront closes whilst you're shopping and you have any problems, please call us as soon as possible so we can help you with an order.

Please remember to:

  • Check you have received an order confirmation number before leaving the website after shopping.

  • Place one order only each week.

  • Leave a box and cool bag out on Fridays, so we can unpack your shopping and take away our packaging.

  • Let us know if you consider yourself to be in a high risk group, aged 70 or over or with an underlying health condition and would like to be added to our list of priority customers.


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