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Chef on Board

Chef on Board have recently moved to Cornwall and having set up their new kitchen in Kelly Bray, join the Hub this week.

Chef on Board's single aim has been to provide ready meals that have all the flavour, quality and comfort of really good home-cooked food. To do this, we cook everything by hand, in small one-pot batches, using only natural ingredients, and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Then we fast-freeze the meals, which locks in the freshness and flavour. This is our recipe for ready meals that are delicious, nutritious and good to eat.
Chef on Board was founded in 1999. The business started in Herefordshire. The business began by delivering a few prepared meals to a local village shop and, after a short time, supplied a few more shops in the area. A year later the online business started and began delivering a range of ready meals to shops and homes all over the country. In May 2021 Chef On Board relocated to Cornwall and continues to make great handmade meals.


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