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This week we're welcoming Green to Gold to the Food Hubs! Based in the Tamar Valley, Green to Gold travel to Spain each year to find the best olive oils produced by small farmers across the country. Available from this week they have extra virgin olive oil from Andalucia, and Perello Gordal olives.

We began our 'quest' for superb, lovely tasting olive oil by chance back in the late 1990's. Having always got used to delicious olive oil when we stayed frequently at my sister's villa in Andalucia we always struggled to find it when we returned to the UK. Then, just by chance I was working alongside a Spanish lady from Malaga who told me her brother had an olive grove and took his olives to the co-operative to be pressed into olive oil. That was we went and met him, tasted his oil, bought our first 200 litres, brought it back to the UK in our van, bottled it up into litre bottles and named it 'Jesus' after the owner of the co-operative.
We headed back to Spain and visited different olive mills which were recommended to us by the local Spanish people. We travelled from East to West, selecting from the different olive varieties and that's when Green to Gold was born.
Since then we have been travelling back to Spain at least once a year to sample and discover even more amazing oils from the remotest of areas.

- Green to Gold

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