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Updates for Friday 3rd of April

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time, we really value your support and your messages. We have made a few changes to our usual systems, so please read on for further details and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date in the coming weeks.

Shopfront Opening Time

As of next week, our shopfront will now be opening from lunchtime on Mondays after our newsletter has come out.

We will be closing the shop each week early once we reach our maximum number of orders.

Collection Point Times

Our collection point times have now changed - please check the new times before leaving to collect your order.

Home Deliveries

We are not able to provide specific delivery times so please let us know a safe, dry place to leave your order in case you're out or unable to answer the door. Please also provide delivery directions when placing your order and leave out any boxes or cool bags you have to return to us.

Adding to Orders

Please only place one order and do not place another order to add to your previous order, as we're now having to limit the number of orders so this take a valuable slot from someone else.


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