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Topping up Healthy Start vouchers

Tamar Valley Food Hubs are topping up the value of Healthy Start vouchers by 100% to £8.50 when used to shop at thanks to customer donations and gifting.

Healthy Start vouchers are available for women and families who are pregnant, have young children and are receiving certain benefits. They can be used to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, pulses and vitamins, but in Cornwall almost half of eligible families are not currently claiming the vouchers from the NHS.

Rachael Forster from Tamar Valley Food Hubs said: ‘By doubling the value of the vouchers we hope we can encourage more local people to claim Healthy Start vouchers and use Tamar Valley Food Hubs for their fresh fruit and vegetables. The top-up means that a full veg bag can be purchased using a single voucher and with many places around the Tamar Valley receiving free home delivery from us, or having a free collection points, hopefully it will be a great offer for our local communities.’

For further information about Healthy Start vouchers visit:

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